The cemetery is located at the rear of  Thomastown Primary School and is maintained by the City of Whittlesea

Records of the Cemetery were non existent in 1984. The following Names were obtained from Notes taken by myself and others also Undertakers. Beryl Patullo. -

There were very few left, and a rough diagram of the position of  graves” may be added”. Vandals destroyed most of the headstones early 1960′s.


*Aldcroft Edna May          14 Mar 1921 Age 7 yrs 4 months only daughter S & E Aldcroft
*Blakemore                  27 Nov 1903 age 78 yrs
*Bower John                       8 Sep 1909  age 81 yrs husband of Elizabeth
*Bower Elizabeth                  1903 age 78 years
*Bower Robert Crothers   24  Mar 1914 age 50yrs husband of Ellen
*Bower Ellen                       3 Aug 1955  age 85 years LAST BURIAL
*Cotchin Samual                18 May 1915 age 68yrs
*Cotchin Rosanna                8 Aug 1919 age 61yrs  (nee Thomas)
*Dyer George
*Dyer Margaret  17 May 1857 28 Yrs ”from a fallen broken stone”
*Dyer May
*Dyer Mary
*Dyer William
*Gilbert Margaret (nee Dyer)
*Grutzner Jacob 2- Nov 1912 89 years resident 6- years Lot No.44
*Hosie Agnes 27 Jul 1937 86 yrs
*Leggett Moses husband of Martha 2 Jan 1919  93 yrs
*Olney James 17 Apr 1911 74 yrs
*Olney Maria 19 Dec 1916 78Yrs
*Prescott Thomas 23 Jul 1895 76 Yrs
*Prescott Agnes 2 Jun 1896 72yrs wife of Thomas
*Prescott Henry  14 Mar 1926 64yrs
*Thomas John  30 Oct 1855 67 yrs FIRST BURIAL
*Thomas Mary  6 Apr 1859 67 yrs wife of John
*Thomas Joseph husband of Anne 12 Aug 1907 88 yrs
*Thomas Alfred Amos 15 Jul 1915 30yrs 3 mnths wife C Jane
*Thomas  infant son 10 Dec 1913 of Alfred & C Jane died at Urana NSW
*Thomas Alezxander W 9 Jan 1944 81Yrs 10mnths
*Thomas William 1- Nov 1925 73yrs
*Thomas Elizabeth 11 Jul 1935 65yrs wife of Alfred
*Thomas Nellie  7 Nov 1938 dau of Alfred & Elizabeth
*Thomas Alfred 4 Jan 1939 84yrs
*Thomas Christina 18 May 1909 75yrs wife of Alfred Snr
*Thomas Alfred 24 Oct 1913 80 yrs

*Batchelor Elizabeth age 78 years buried 21 Sept 1900 usual residence Garnet St Preston      wife of Richard Batchelor
*Batchelor Richard age 92yrs buried 3 Oct 1912 by son John Batchelor of South St Preston
*Batchelor William age 36yrs buried 1 Sep 1891 by his father
*Blakemore Christina age 76yrs buried 12 Dec 1941 by P Blakemore her husband
*Blakemore Percival J age 81yrs buried 4 Apr 1946 by his daughter Mrs Gildea Spring Street Thomastown
*Bower Alice Maud ?yrs buried 29 Jun 1943 by dau Mrs Ritchie Cambrian Ave Preston
*Bower/Bauer John 81yrs buried 10 Ssp 1909 by son C Bower
*Bower Robert C 50yrs buried 26 Mar 1914 by wife usual residence Thomastown
*Childs Emma 72yrs buried 21 Jun 1928 by Rev J McIlroy Regent.died at private hospital Jessie Street Preston
*Chitts Charles`91yrs buried 17 May 1932 by cousin Mrs Chitts 25 Derby St Northcorte Grave No38 died at Royal Melb Hosp
*Craig Maggie 17yrs buried 9 Jul 1900 dau of Alfred Thomas
*Dyer George 81yrs buried 8 Jul 1900 by son
*Dyer Mary Hartnell 84yrs buried 22 Jun 1943 by daughter Mrs H Gilbert Compton St Reservoir.
*Dyer May 62yrs buried 14 Oct 1948 daughter Mrs C Robinson Compton St Reservoir
*Dyer William 85yrs buried 3 Jan 1938 by wife usual address Compton St Preston
*Gilbert Margaret A 68 yrs buried 24 Mar 1949 by daughter Mrs Thomas Church St Richmond
*Goodman Ann 88yrs buried 2 Jul 1986 by son-in law Mr P Mahoney of Epping
*Gordon Gertrud A` 47yrs buried 29 Sep 1949 by brother-in-law Mr Tuin McMahon Road Reservoir
*Hansen Emily 63yrs buried 7 Jul 1913 by Mrs Wallis her sister.
*Hosie Agnes 86yrs buried 29 Jul 1937 by her daughter Mrs Nebel  Rockbank Epping Rd Thomastown
*Iles Beryl Jean 6yrs buried 31 Jul 1925 by father Mr Edw G Iles ‘Surrey’ Berwick St Preston
*Irwin James 78yrs buried 13 Nov 1914 by wife
*Leggett Martha 87 yrs buried 24 Aug 1927 by son Francis Spring St Thomastown
*Leggett Moses  93yrs buried 3 Jan 1919 by wife
*Olney James`74yrs buried 10 sep 1909 by wife Epping Rd Thomastown
*Olney Maria 78yrs buried 11 Nov 1916 by Mr T Cox Crawley St Preston , relationship not known.
*Prescott Agnes 72yrs buried 4 Jun 1896 by son
*Prescott Thomas 76yrs buried 25 Jul 1895 by son
*Sheffield Elizabeth 83yrs buried 1 Jul 1949 by husband C B Sheffield
*Thomas Alexander 82yrs buried 11 Jan 1944 by niece Miss Mc Kimmie
*Thomas Alfred 84yrs buried 5 Jan 1939 by son Walter
*Thomas Christina 75yrs buried 19 May 1909 wife of Alfred
*Thomas Elizabeth 66yrs buried 12 Jul 1936 by son Walter Spring St Thomastown
*Thomas Janet 38yrs buried 18 Oct 1888 wife of Alfred
*Thomas John 23yrs buried 17 Oct 1870 by father Francis
*Thomas Nellie Miriam  31yrs buried 7 Nov 1938 by brother Walter
*Thomas William 73yrs buried 12 Nov 1925 by brother J Thomas
*Wallis Emily Mary 79yrs buried 15 Oct 1890 by daughter
*Wallis Florentina  81yrs buried 30 May 1923 by brother T Wallis
*Wallis Theodore  82yrs buried 28 Jan 1931 by nephew P H Wallis Caulfield.


Craig ,Margaret (Mother-in law to Francis Thomas & Andrew Prismall) d 16 Aug 1857 age 58yrs bd18 Aug by J Tutty

Goodman, Robert 3 Dec 1874

Featherstone, Mary Ann nee Thomas buried Friday 8th Sept 1916 – dau of John Thomas (Honiball) & Mary Hartnell

Featherstone  Thursday 7 September 1916 (nee Thomas)
The friends of the late Mary Ann Featherstone  relict of the late John Edward Featherstone late of Bendigo are respectfully invited to follow her remains to the place of interment at the Thomastown Cemetery.
The funeral will leave her residence Glenferrie Road Glenferrie tomorrow ( Friday 8th September) at 11am arriving at the cemetery about 1.30pm
Preuss & Sons Undertakers 180 Burwood  Road Glenferrie — Telephone 7 Hawthorn ext.

Ingham,  Clara dau of John Edw Featherstone and Mary Ann nee Thomas  age 68 yrs died Hawthorn 1944

Perry, Barbara daughter of Schoolteacher Edw Perry age 16yrs Oct 1877

Pitcher Morley  died 28th July 1945 and buried  (this info from desc Elyn Rigby 2001)